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How to Insert Custom Sprites Into A SMW Hack


So you’reworking on a SMW hack, and you’d like to make it better by inserting customsprites? Just follow this procedure and you’ll have it done in no time! If youhave trouble, then see the questions and answers at the end of the procedure.


What YouWill Need:


Lunar Magic

Sprite Tool

Some CustomSprites To Insert


The firstthing you need to do is extract the compressed folder (the file you downloaded)with sprite tool in it to the same directory (folder) as your ROM. If your ROMis not in a folder, then you should put it in one to make it easier and keepthings organized. To extract the folder, you usually just have to right clickthe file and choose extract al. Then select the folder your ROM is in.Alternately, you can copy the files in the compressed folder and paste theminto the folder with your ROM.


The nextthing you should do is open the compressed file with the sprites you downloadedand copy the ASM file (the text file) and the .cfg file (the other one that hasthe same name as the ASM file) and paste them into the sprites folder.


*Important*If the readme file (a text file that tells you about the sprite) states that itmust be inserted as a generator, shooter, or something else, than you must putit in the corresponding folder instead of the sprites folder. E.g. The readmesays “Must be inserted as a shooter”. That means I must put it in the “shooter”folder.


Now thatthat’s done, open up the text file included called “sprites”.txt. Once that’sopen, press enter to go to new line, and type in a hexadecimal (hex) numberbetween 00-FF  with a space after it andthen the name of the .cfg file after it, followed by “.cfg”. e.g. The sprite’s.cfg file is called “Giant_Goomba”. In the text file I type:




And thensave it.



A shooter’shex number must be between C0 and CF.

A generator’shex number must be between D0 and DF.

Othersprites should be in-between 00 and BF.

Noweverything’s ready, and you just need to insert it. To do that, open up thespritetool program (called “st10” or something similar) and type this in:


(Enter ROMname here).smc (press enter)

(Enter textfile name here).txt (press enter)


e.g. My ROMis called “smw”, and my text file is called “sprites”. This is what I’d type:





And ofcourse, I’d press enter after typing in my ROM name and press it again aftertyping in the name of the text file.


Now thesprites are inserted, but how do you place them in levels? We’ll get to thatnext. Open your ROM in Lunar Magic and go to the level you want to insert themin. Enable sprite editing mode (click the green shell) and press shift andinsert on your keyboard. Alternatively, you could go to file>insert spritesmanually.


Now awindow should pop up. In the first box, type in the hex number you entered forthe sprite in the text file. Leave the 2nd and 3rd empty.In the last box, put in two, or three if your sprite uses the extra bit(specified in the readme).


Choose OKand your custom sprite will appear in the top right corner of the first screen.Move it wherever you want.


Now thesprite will be in the game, but it will look glitched unless it uses originalsprite tiles (if so, it should specify the graphic settings in the readme). Tomake it use the correct graphics, you use something called ExGFX. To use it,first click on “Extract GFX from ROM” (The red mushroom) and then click on“Extract ExGFX from ROM (the yellow mushroom). Now go to the folder with theROM in it and there should be two new folders. One should be called “Graphics”,and the other one should be called “ExGraphics”. Go to the compressed folderwith the downloaded sprite in it, and copy the .bin file (it should be namedsomething like ExGFX and then a number and/or letter. Sometimes it might bedifferent though) and paste it into the “ExGraphics” folder. Rename it to“ExGFX80”.


*Important*:If you already have a file named “ExGFX80”, then rename it to “ExGFX81”, then“ExGFX82” and so on. Note that the number after is in hex, so instead ofputting “ExGFX90” after “ExGFX89”, you’d put “ExGFX8A”, then “ExGFX8B”, and soon. After “ExGFX8F”, then you go to “ExGFX90”.


Now openyour ROM up again in Lunar Magic, and click “Insert ExGFX to ROM” (the bluemushroom). That will insert the ExGFX for the sprite. Now that it’s inserted,go to “Edit Level Graphic Settings” (the red poison mushroom). Look for theboxes that say “SP1” “SP2” “SP3” and “SP4”. To see which one your sprite uses,go into your folder with your ROM in it and open up the CFG editor, which wasincluded with Spritetool. Open up the sprite’s .cfg file with it and check if“Use Second Graphics Page” is checked. If so, your sprite used “SP3” and “SP4”.If not, than it uses “SP1” and “SP2”. Now go back to Lunar Magic and choose oneof the “SP”s depending on which ones your sprite uses. Now scroll down the listuntil you find the number of the ExGFX you inserted. So if you used “ExGFX80”and your sprite uses “SP3” and “SP4”, than I’d click on “SP3” and scroll downuntil I find the number “80”. Note that the sprite always looks glitched inLunar Magic. Now test your ROM until you get to the custom sprite. If it’s notglitched, then congratulations! You inserted your first custom sprite! If it’sstill glitched and it doesn’t use original tiles, than load the number of thegraphics you inserted in the other slot. So if my Giant Goomba was stillglitched, then I’d load “80” into “SP4” instead of “SP2”.


So you’vefinally got some custom sprites in your hack, and it’s a lot better now.  If you have any problems, then check belowfor some common ones. Otherwise, feel free to e-mail me at:


Q: How do Iknow what the ASM and CFG files are?

A: The ASMand CFG files will usually be named after the sprite you downloaded. They alsoboth have the same name.


Q: I don’tknow hex…

A: Open upyour ROM in Lunar Magic and click “Add Sprites” (the blue baby yoshi). Thenlook at the numbers beside the sprite. The numbers are in hex, so you can usethem. If you’d rather learn hex, it’s pretty simple. Instead of going 0-9, yougo 0-9, then A-F. So the first numbers would be like this:

0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,A,B,C,D,E,F,1A,1B,1C,and so on.


Q: How doyou create custom sprites?

A: You useASM. I’m not going to explain it though, as it would take over 3000 lines.


Q: Wherecan I find the needed programs and files?

A: You canfind them at SMW Go to the “Tools” section where you can findLunar Magic, which you should already have because unless your hacking manuallyor you just started hacking, and Spritetool. You should get the Spritetool madeby Romi, as that one can assemble sprites using Xkas and trasm. To get sprites,go to the “Custom Sprites” section and download the ones you’d like.


Q: Where doI get a SMW ROM?

A: Youshould already have one if your hacking. If you don’t have one for some reason,than you must use Google to find one as distributing ROMs is Illegal.


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